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2016 Auction Survival Guide

By ~ David Gavin, Sales King

Internet Auction Sales have increased a whopping 116 Billion dollars in sales over the last 5 Years (2009-2014). With companies like Ebay, E-Bid, and just to name a few the market is not only a competitive platform for Companies but  buyers and sellers as well. However, Live Auctions are still alive and thriving for those organizations that manage to progress with Technology and use social platforms to diversify their market. While there are Several Reasons to consign and buy items online from these auction companies there are several draw backs that are often overlooked even by the most tech savy individuals. 


We are going to be very frank in our opinions so if you are a Internet Auction Guru and Advocate let us know your thoughts by tweeting us @AdjusterKings #Buying&SellingTheWeb. This comparison does not take into account other Live Auction companies however we wanted to show you (the client) how we stack up.


Let's get started with Cost & Fee's: 


We Charge a Fixed Rate /or a Percentage of each item as a commisionable for selling / consigning your item('s). These commissions decrease the higher the item sells for (Which is both of our Goals and Expectations). Since we have to advertise our Auctions to maintain /or increase Auction population anyway we typically do not charge any advertising fee's. The only fee's you will most likely ever see are direct commissionables and possibly Pick-up if we have to come to you (which we do not mind at all). The Internet Auction companies charge loads of fee's. For Example : Memberships, Listing, Re-Listing, Advertising, Hosting, Final Sale Commission, Shipping, Insurance, Money Processing, etc, etc.


Competitive Selling & Bidding


Being able to list on a GLOBAL SCALE is a benefit. Right? Well in some regards listing online widens your audience however what about pieces with Local Appeal and Provenance? Items with local appeal don't speak to the global masses and what about shipping. Are you prepared to ship an Oak Dresser or Fine Art? Are you also ready to Insure these items and are your prepared and able to fully refund the buyer if something is damaged during transport?


With our Services you don't have to be a shipping expert as the Buyer is responsible for the item as soon as the bidding is over. Bidders are also able to purchase items without worry of shipping damage, or arrival times (no shipping service can 100% guarantee your item will arrive safely and on time). If you don't believe me ask them. Also Internet Auctions are ANNOYING. Let's face it bidders don't have the time to sit and watch your item every second of the day and can you blaim them. Our Live Auction provides Urgency to buy but is also AS IS, WHERE IS so there is no pesky follow up "THIS ITEM WAS DAMAGED", email or phone call. We live in an Generation. That's the market we are in. We're all like the character Violet in "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. "WE WANT IT NOW". Our Auction allows people to buy 1 Item in a matter of moments or hundreds of items in as little as a few hours not 7-15 Days.  

Touch and Feel


That's right touch and feel. Okay so people buy items all the time they can't touch. However, there are still buyers that want to personally inspect the piece they are buying. An online photo is great, but how many people are going to take pictures of the blemishes or damaged side of a piece of furniture? Also some pieces are just too nice for a non-professional photographer to truly capture a pieces auora. That's right colors get washed, dimensions get lost, etc. We will display your piece and give your items justice not just a 5 Second snapshot captured on someones mobile phone. By the way Internet Auction companies do not do ON-SITE auctions for estates (We Do). 


Who's Side are they on?


Money. That is what drives an internet auction company. They have THOUSANDS & MILLIONS of sellers and buyers. Do you think they have time to personally handle each transaction? No, They don't. They care about money not the Seller or Buyer experience. Sure they have some measures in place to provide a "Resolved Atmosphere" but how hard are they working to provide better customer service. Between my Business Partner and I we have sold 1000's of items online and anytime we had a problem, getting someone on the phone from an internet auction company is a nightmare. Just pull up one of the companies I mentioned and try to find a phone number. Then time how long it takes to speak with a "REAL PERSON", not a robot. 


Now call us at 888.367.1311 and see how long it takes for you to personally reach me. We care about Both the Buyers and Sellers Experience and we would be honored to be your Live Auction company.

Buying & Selling the Web 

By ~ David Gavin, Sales King

Tip # 1 : Clean Items not only look better but they SELL BETTER!

Tip # 2 : If it's cheap to Fix, then Fix it! 

Tip # 3 : The more History we have on an item the Better

Tip # 4 : Attend the Auction

Tip # 5 : Tell your Friends and Family About the Auction! There might just be a piece they've had their eye on for years

5 Quick Consignor Tips:

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~ David Gavin, Sales King